Conference sections


  1. Environment health and climate changes

    This topic will follow the WHO vision and will address the challenges in health, environment and climate change, governments, society and individuals. Sustainable development has to eliminate the disease burden caused by unhealthy environments, through health protection and promotion, good public health standards, preventive action in relevant sectors, and healthy life choices, and which manages environmental risks to health.

  2. Animal welfare

    We focus on all the factors which affect animal welfare: human attitudes and practices, the animal itself resource available, info/knowledge, environment animal lives and works.
    Animal welfare policies, practices, and programs to assure the availability of veterinary care, wholesome food and fresh water, proper handling, and environmental enhancements for the animals will be followed also.

  3. Landscape, Green areas and Forest for healthy life

    Green areas are part of the healthy human spaces. Modern lifestyle is associated nowadays with insufficient physical activity, chronic stress, and different exposures to anthropogenic environmental threats. Green spaces contribute to mental and physical health and at the same time to reducing morbidity and mortality. Forests are essential to our survival and well-being.

  4. Sustainable plant production

    Plant health is a recent topic in One Health concept, healthy plants being vital to human and animal health.
    Sustainable plant production is a must of human being's development. Plant production systems have to respond to climate change, degradation of health and the environment, new pests and diseases and also to population continuous growth.

  5. Healthy food and nutrition

    Healthy food became an important issue for several years, due to the large diversity of diseases spread, correlated with the consumed food.
    Nutrition is a critical part of health and development. We can follow the nutraceutical value of the primary products and continue with the processed ones. Better nutrition is related to stronger immune systems, lower risk of non-communicable diseases, and longevity. A robust and diverse food supply is an essential part of the health and nutrition response to COVID-19 (WHO).

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